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Saloon-Style Colorado Lounges With an Old-West Flavor

Colorado is the ideal place to find Old West decor outfitting many saloon-style bars and restaurants. Here are a few that pride themselves in authentic decor and a true Old West Experience!

The Minturn Saloon in Minturn, Colorado is one of the most historically significant saloons in the Vail Valley area. It originally opened its doors to the townspeople in 1901 and is one of the oldest building structures in the town. The dining and bar area maintain a lodge theme with many mounted animals and original photos accenting Continue Reading »


The Unique History of Colorado Lounges

Because of its unique geographical location, the state of Colorado is home to many old lounges and bars. Each one that still stands today offers customers an old western feeling that can’t be experienced anywhere else. Visit the following historical lounges, have a drink and enjoy the old style charm that they have to offer.

The Mint

Located in Silverthorne, Colorado, The Mint Bar & Lounge was built in 1862. During this time, Colorado was still a territory and the United States had just entered into Civil War. The Mint Continue Reading »


Safety Tips for the Bar and Lounge-goer

We’ve talked a lot about the best bars and lounges to visit, but we haven’t really discussed some of the dangers or safety tips that can help you get through it. It sounds kind of corny, but part of having a “good time” means having a safe time too. If this is your first time hitting the town, listen up.

For starters, man or woman (especially if you’re a woman), always keep an eye on your drink. Do not accept drinks from strangers and never leave your drink unattended. Also, be sure and keep an eye on the bartender while they make your drink.

Second, remember that it’s okay to chat up another patron, but don’t go divulging any sensitive information. Lots of people go to bars to meet other people and, in an alcohol-fueled madness, unintentionally spill their guts. If you want to quietly find a way to get a lighter anus, check out and you will not have to talk about it.

On the topic of meeting people at the lounge, if you are visiting these venues to re-enter the dating circuit, you should always take your own car. It’s the best way to ensure your safety should the date go south. It’s also important to make sure your home is safe and it might be prudent to make sure the doors and locks are up to snuff. A home security system wouldn’t be a bad choice either and is just one example of the kinds of sites you’ll find.


Colorado Lounges that the Locals Recommend

There are a couple lounges in Colorado that the locals highly recommend. The first one is called Keg Lounge in Manitou Springs Colorado. The locals say the food is great and the bar is relaxing. One local said it is a nice place to sit and have a drink if you’re tired out from ruining around town all day. On the food subject, a local said it is the best steak in town. The local says he will never go anywhere else for a steak. He also says the menu has so many other exceptional choices. Sounds like Continue Reading »


Best Colorado Lounges on a Scale of One to Ten

For the best lounge in Colorado, it is necessary to travel to the Blue Ice in Denver. This is not your typical dance jive, but a great place to unwind after a hard day at work. The clientele at this lounge are sophisticated with diverse views on the world. Each person’s opinion is highly valued and openly shared. This lounge receives 10 out of 10.

In Eagle, Colorado, make sure to visit the Wolcott Yacht Club Grill. This lounge is a favorite stop for many kayakers on their trips down the Eagle River. Stop and refresh on their wonderful Continue Reading »


The Best Lounges to Relax in After Skiing in Aspen

Which are the best lounges to relax in after a day of skiing in Aspen? With so many to choose from, choose the one that can give you the best relaxation that you would want. One of the places you can choose has a spa that you can get pampered in and a work out room for you to exercise in. Another lounge offers wine tasting to those that simply want to relax with a glass of wine.

You’ll find some lounges Continue Reading »


Five Rocky Mountain Lounges that You Must Visit

When visiting the Rocky Mountains, many people choose to start with Denver, Colorado. The top bar in Denver is the Wynkoop Brewing Company in downtown Denver. The bar, located in one of Denver’s oldest buildings, features three stories of fun.

Many visitors choose to go from Denver to Aspen. Aspen has long been respected for its world-class skiing, but it should be known for its world-class bars. The best bar in Aspen is the Caribou Club. The lucky visitor will catch Continue Reading »


Top Five Lounges in Denver, Colorado

Denver is home to several top-notch lounges. A trip to Denver will give you the opportunity to explore plenty of nightlife.

Start your trip with a visit to the historic Wynkoop Brewing Company located at 1634 18th Street in downtown Denver. The toughest choice of the night will be deciding where to sit. If your perfect night is some great pub food and some quiet conversation, then choose to sit on the first floor. If you perfect night, on the other hand, Continue Reading »


A beer Drinker’s Guide to Colorado Lounges

With the growing popularity of craft beers comes an increase in the amount of lounges and bars that cater to craft beer lovers. All around the country, different brewers are opening up their own breweries in order to share these tasty drinks, and Colorado is leading the pack in places to enjoy quality craft beer.

Dubbed “The Napa of Beer”, Denver is by far the most popular city in Colorado to enjoy a wide variety of craft beers. Denver boasts an amazing 74 breweries within a 100 miles, so if you are a craft beer enthusiast, Denver is the city Continue Reading »


Out of the Way Lounges in Historic Colorado

Colorado is part of the old west. This history is present even in the bars and lounges found in this state. If you are looking for an older lounge with some character, indulge yourself with a visit to the bars listed below.
In 1862 Silverthorne, Colorado became home to The Mint. The Mint is the oldest operating bar in this state. It still is known by its original name and is in the original structure. When their Continue Reading »
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